These recommendations do not cover all possibilities. They are some things to check before you have your transmission rebuilt. Always check transmission fluid level first. Always run a scanner on any computer controlled transmission. On modulated transmissions make sure they have enough vacuum.


Acclaim 1989-95 3spd  A670 1989-95 4spd A604
Arrow  1976-80 torqueflite  
Barracuda 1965-74 Torqueflite  
Breeze  1996-2000 A604  
 Fury 1974-78 Torqueflite  
Grand Fury 1975-88 Torqueflite  
Horizon 1978-90 A404-413  
Neon 1995-01 3spd A670 2002-2004 4spd A604
Prowler 1997-2002 A606     
Reliant 1981-89 A470  
Sundance 1987-92 A470 3Spd 1993-94 A604 4Spd
Trailduster  1974-81 Torqueflite  
Valiant 1965-76 Torqueflite  
Volare 1976-80 Torqueflite  
Voyager  1984-01 3spd A670 1991-05 4spd A604




A604 / A606
The transmissions above are 4 speed front wheel drive automatics that are all computer controlled.  If your transmission starts shifting erratic or stays in second gear only,
then make sure you or a shop run a scanner on the vehicle. You want to see if you have a sensor that has gone bad causing your problems. 

Always make sure you check the clutch volume index (c.v.i.).  This helps determine the condition of the transmission. Chevy's and Ford's do not have this neat little feature. 

Vehicle's with A604 transmissions have chronic input and output speed sensor problems and also with  the little wire connectors to those input and output speed sensors.  The dealer offers a repair kit for these wires instead of buying a whole new wire harness. On most of these vehicles, If you have a code 41-44 you should check for weak battery voltage first. now the shop needs to check the wiring for poor grounds. I have seen that The transmission controller  often goes bad causing these same codes, so be careful.


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A500 / A518
The transmissions above are rear wheel drive 4 speed automatic transmissions, some are computer and throttle pressure controlled.  Common symptoms are transmission shifting erratic, slipping or not shifting at all.
Always make sure your throttle pressure cable is hooked up and adjusted properly.

External sensors on the 46RH style, like the throttle position sensor, vehicle speed sensor or output speed sensor quite often go bad, causing these symptoms. 
Always run a scanner first to see if a sensor is causing your problem

On the 42RE / 46RE / 45REF styles, I have seen a lot of governor pressure solenoids and governor transducer sensors that attach to the valve body go bad. It's very difficult to tell if their is a problem with these two items when using a scanner, So be care full.
A bad alternator or throttle position sensor can cause the transmission to go in and out of 4th gear and or lockup. 



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Torqueflite 727 / 904
The transmissions above are 3 speed automatics and shift timing is controlled by a throttle pressure cable and or rod that connects from the transmission to the carburetor or throttle body. Always check this cable or rod first.  They can cause erratic shifts and or no shifting at all.

Also check the clutch fan that is located at the front of the engine.  Sometimes they  seize up, this causes the engine to sound unusually loud almost like the transmission is not shifting into 3rd gear.

Keep in mind sometimes people work on the carburetor's of these vehicles and they forget to either hook up the throttle pressure rod correctly or they forget to reinstall the little return spring for the throttle pressure rod. 

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A404 / A413 / A470 / A670
The transmissions above are front wheel drive 3 speed automatics.  Common symptoms are early soft, late hard shifts or no shifts at all.  Always check the throttle pressure rod that goes from your carburetor or throttle body linkage to the transmission. 

This controls shift points and often the rod gets out of adjustment or the return spring breaks causing symptoms above.
Good Luck!

If your vehicle feels like it wants to keep going when you come to a stop, and your engine dies when hot, check your lock-up solenoid on the valve body in the transmission pan. The majority of the time it sticks when the transmission becomes hot.



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